Sam Sohmer, Founder

“Experience the transformative power of music under the guidance of Sam Sohmer.”

Introducing Sam Sohmer, an exceptional music teacher and movie scorer, dedicated to delivering unparalleled musical excellence, igniting passion in playing, and fostering creative freedom.

With years of experience in both music education and composition for the film industry, Sam Sohmer brings a unique blend of expertise and artistry to every lesson. As a highly skilled musician and composer, he understands the transformative power of music and its ability to captivate audiences.

Sohmer’s teaching philosophy revolves around nurturing a deep love and appreciation for music while empowering students to explore their own creative expression. By prioritizing musical excellence, he inspires students to strive for greatness in their playing, encouraging technical proficiency, precision, and a solid foundation in music theory.

Passion is at the core of Sohmer’s teaching approach. He believes that true musical artistry is born out of a genuine love for the craft. Through engaging and dynamic lessons, he ignites that passion within students, instilling a lifelong devotion to music and a drive to continually improve and evolve as musicians.

Creative freedom is a cornerstone of Sohmer’s teaching style. He recognizes that each student has unique musical aspirations and tastes. By fostering an environment of exploration and experimentation, he encourages students to push boundaries, think outside the box, and discover their own artistic voice.

In addition to his teaching prowess, Sohmer has demonstrated impressive understanding as a movie scorer. This rich background in composition infuses his teaching with a deep understanding of musical storytelling and helps students develop a holistic approach to their playing.

Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn the fundamentals or an advanced musician seeking to refine your skills, Sohmer offers personalized lessons tailored to your goals and aspirations. He creates a nurturing and supportive environment where students can flourish, explore their musical passions, and unlock their full potential.

Experience the transformative power of music under the guidance of Sam Sohmer. Embark on a journey of musical excellence, find joy in playing, and embrace the freedom of creative expression. Contact Sohmer Sound today to schedule a lesson and take your musical journey to new heights.